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Would you like to get some in-depth information on how you can improve your company website? Get your free website analysis today!

What Will We Analyze?

Your Online-Presence

How easy is it for potential clients to find you in Google?

We search for what keywords your website is ranking and what opportunities you are missing out upon. Then we'll look at how we can easily increase this!

Your Web-Perfomance

How fast does your website load and how can we improve this?

Time is money, especially in the modern world we live in today. So, how is your loading time stacking up? Find out through this analysis! We'll check where your website can be improved to reduce loading time!

Your responsiveness

Is your website optimized for mobile devices?

50% of Google searches are coming from mobile devices, don't lose out on this traffic! We'll analyze how your website displays on different screen sizes and make a few suggestions to improve this!

What Do You Get?

Free PDF Report

An overview (PDF) of the 5 most critical factors you should change to improve your website.

Ranking Analysis

An in-depth look at your most important keywords that people use to search for your product or services. We'll also include your ranking for these words/phrases and give you three methods to improve this!

Speed & Mobile Analysis

A detailed look into your loading speed and which elements are loading the slowest + how your company website displays on mobile devices and three ways to improve this!

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- You're at least 25 years old and live in the Antwerp province (Belgium).
- You own a company, registered on your name.